Forest Protection 1

Forest Protection 1


The Forest Protection Wing at the Headquarters is headed by Addl. PCCF (FP) who assists PCCF & HoFF in matters related to :


   1. Collection Collation of data related to Forest Offences, Forest Fire.

   2. Overseeing implementation of regulations related to Transit Permits, Disaster Management, Cattle Migaration, NOCs, Saw Mill

        Rules (Except monitoring of Wood based industries).

   3. Coordination in matters related to The Schedule Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest  Rights) Act, 

        2006 as amended  up to 2012.

   4.  Matters related to Identification of Deemed Forest.

   5.  Complaints and references of Public matters related to above from Secretariat, CMO PMO Lokayukts and others.





Acts & Rules:

Orders & Circulars:

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