There have been a number of constraints which need to be  duly addressed and remedial measures taken so that the  forest resources of the state could be utilised in the socio-  economic development of the state in a sustainble manner.


The constraints are as follows :

  • Inadequate appreciation of the role and value of forests.
  • Inadequate investment in forestry sector under the state plan.
  • Inadequate income and employment generation programmes and perpetuating poverty.
  • Inadequate strengthening of institutional structure.
  • Insufficient inter-departmental co-ordination.
  • Insufficient motivation (low morale) of forestry personnel and lack of incentives and welfare measures.
  • Inadequate dovetailing of community welfare activities in the forestry programme for institutionalising participatory management system.
  • Inadequate involvement of Non governmental organisations (NGOs) to facilitate people‚Äôs participation.
  • Inadequate training of staff, NGOs and JFM functionaries.
  • Inadequate harnessing of science and technology inputs to enhance the production.
  • Inadequate institutional financing inputs through appropriate agency ( Forest Corporation).