The Rajasthan Forest Manual ( VolumeII) 2013

The Rajasthan Forest Manual ( VolumeII) 2013


  1.  Administrative Charges.

  2.  Status and Duties of Forest officers.

  3.  External and Internal Relationship.

  4.  Inspection of Divisional and Range offices.

  5.  The Forest Services and Forest Establishment their Constitution, Recruitment and Service Rules Concerning Promotions.

  6.  Special Pay, Allownces, Fees and Honoraria, Section "A"-Secial Pay.

  7.  Punishment and Appeals.

  8.  Esignation, Retirement, Postings and Transfees.

  9.  Leave of Absence, Changes in Establishment and Annual Establishment Returns.

 10. Reports on Work and Qualifications of Government Servants in the Forest Department.

 11. Other Miscellanious Service Rules.

 12. Uniforms.

 13. Powers.

 14. The Classification of Forests under the Management of the Forest Department.

 15. Relations Between Forest Department and Other departments.

 16. Forest Department Lands Outside Government Forests.

 17. Demarcation and Maintenance of Boundaries.

 18. Forest surveys and Maps.

 19. Management and Working of the Reserved and Protected Forests-Control of Management-Working Plans.

 20. Disposal of Forest Produce.

 21. Disposal of Minerals in Government Forests.

 22. Forest Produce in Transit and Property Marks.

 23. Export of Forest Produce to Neighbouring States.

 24. Issue of Radhari Licences.

 25. General Protection.

 26. Fire Protection.

 27. Shooting.

 28. Forest Buildings and Land (Other Then Forest) Owned or Occupied by the Forest Department.