Rajasthan Forest Manual Volume II

Rajasthan Forest Manual Volume II

forest department




   Cover Photo


   Message and Order

1    Organization Of Forest Department and Administrative Charges

   Status and Duties of Forest Officers


   The Forest Services and Forest Establishment, their Constitution,Recruitment and Services Rules


   Special Pay, Allowances, Fees and Honoraria


   Department Enquiry, Punishment and Appeals


   Annual Performance Appraisal Report & Service Books


   Resignation, Retirement,Posting, Transfers & Transfers Policy


   External & Internal Relationship

9    Workcharged Employees, their Norms, Duties and Service Rules
10    Training Schedule for Probationary Officers
                  Forest and Wildlife management
11    National forest Policy, 1988
12    Rajasthan State Forest Policy, 2010
13    Development and Management Of Forest
14    Joint Forest Management
15   Monitoring and Evaluation
16   Publicity and Extension
17   Organisation of the Forest Department and Administrative Charges
18   Rajasthan Ecotourism Policy, 2010
                  Forest and Wildlife Protection
19    Forest and Wildlife Protection
20    Legal Procedtres in the Trial of Wild Life Crimes
21    Assistance to Government Servant in Criminal/Civial  Cases
22    The Rajasthan Forest Produce (Establishment and Regulation of Saw Mills ) Rules, 1983
23     Forest Produce in Transit
24     Fire Protection
25     Rules and procedures for Management of Non Forest Lands
26     Application of Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980
27     Uniforms
28     Rules and Guidelines for Fire Arms
29     Accounts - General
30     Classificaton of Revenue and Expenditure
31     Cash and Cash Book
32     Forest Advances
33     Deposits
34     Accounts and Subsidiary Reurns
35     Delegation  Of Powers
36    Outturn and Disposal of Forest Produce
37    Non Timber Forest Produce and Tendu Patta
                  Working Plan and Forest Settlement
38     Management and Working of The Reserved and protectecd Forests - Working Plans
39     Forest Settlement, Forest Survey, Demarcation, Maintenance of Forest Boundaries and Forest Maps
40      Annual Administrative Reports and Inspection of Office 
41      Office Business
42      Rules for the Management and Occupation of Forest Rest Houses
43      Staff Welfare Officer
*      Last