Monitoring and Evaluation

  • It is very necessary for any project to have an effective Monitoring and Evaluation System to ensure that the project has been implemented in true spirit. Under Monitoring & Evaluation package it has been envisaged that a very strong MIS and GIS system should be in place so that mid term evaluation and post project evaluation can be effectively carried out.
  • For the first time base line survey is being carried out under this project so that the changes during the implementation and post project changes can be effectively monitored.
  • GPS data of various project activities like plantation, water conservation structure, entry point activities etc. done under the project is being collected to create  a GIS data base of the project area. A Management Information System  is also created for the project. Both MIS and GIS will be used for effective monitoring and evaluation of the project.    
  • Annual evaluation after 15 months of plantation will be carried out at the PMU/DMU level