Silviculture System

Silviculture System
  • The Traditional Silvicultural practices for managing high Forest Systems needs to be reoriented to meet the local needs so as to bridge the wide gap between the demand and availability of various types of forest products. 
  • The forest management and conservation efforts in the past have not been commensurate with the ever increasing needs of growing population resulting in degradation of forest resources at an accelerated pace. 
  • The Sustainability of essential Ecological processes and life support Systems have been at stake. This has adversely affected the livelihood Security of the people living in and around Forests and Protected areas.
  • Without a shift in the approach and strategy from Management Oriented to people Oriented through a combination of societal and Technical inputs, Survival of Forests and Wildlife in Rajasthan may be difficult.
  • A Judicious mix of multifaceted approach for technical and societal inputs can satisfy both the conservation and social needs. We have with us long experience of scientific management of Forests over hundred years.
  • The major Forests of the State were managed under Coppice with Standard Silvicultural System. 
  • These Systems or Coppice with Reserve have worked well as long as the population of the state was well within manageable limits. They had also yielded good results in the forest conservation. But the success was not to the extent expected. 
  • Over the years Forests in Rajasthan have suffered serious depletion. This is mainly due to relentless pressures of ever increasing demand primarily for Fuelwood, Fodder and Timber.