Types of Land use NOC/Permission URL Help Document


  A.    Forest Wild Life Clearance



  B.   Non Forest Land outside Protected Area 

    -> Cable Lines

    -> Electricity Lines

     -> Industry Set-up

     -> Mining Permission

     ->  Hospital

      -> Power Point

      -> School Permission

      -> Road/Highway

      -> Sawmill Permission

      -> Telephone Lines

      -> Other Permission


  C.   Eduction & Research Permits 

  D.   Camps & File Shooting Permission in Wildlife Area    


http://fmdss.forest.rajasthan.gov.in   Help Document 


Process to Apply for Permits/NOC  :-

1. User will type URL address of FMDSS application (http://fmdss.forest.rajasthan.gov.in) in address bar of web browser.

2. Then click on “SSO login".

3. Enter "SSO ID" (If you dont have an SSO ID then Click on this link https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in to register yourself ).

    Enter  "Password" and 6 digit captcha code and click on login to access FMDSS application.