Land Use Permits/NOC

Types of Land use NOC/Permission URL Help Document


  A.    Forest Wild Life Clearance  

  B.   Non Forest Land outside Protected Area 

    -> Cable Lines

    -> Electricity Lines

     -> Industry Set-up

     -> Mining Permission

     ->  Hospital

      -> Power Point

      -> School Permission

      -> Road/Highway

      -> Sawmill Permission

      -> Telephone Lines

      -> Other Permission


  C.   Eduction & Research Permits 

  D.   Camps & File Shooting Permission in Wildlife Area   Help Document 


Process to Apply for Permits/NOC  :-

1. User will type URL address of FMDSS application ( in address bar of web browser.

2. Then click on “SSO login".

3. Enter "SSO ID" (If you dont have an SSO ID then Click on this link to register yourself ).

    Enter  "Password" and 6 digit captcha code and click on login to access FMDSS application.