Silviculture & Research


Silviculture Wing of Rajasthan Forest Department conducts forestry related research which helps to improve the silviculture practices in the department.  Silviculture Wing is headed by the Chief Conservator of Forests, who is the State Silvicultrist, assisted by one DCF, one ACF, two research officers and five range officers with supporting staff.

Silviculture Wing has four Forestry Research Centres: Grass Farm Jaipur, Govindpura Jaipur, World Forestry Arboretum Jaipur and Banki Udaipur. In addition to these centres, two research laboratories: Seed Testing and Soil & Water Testing Laboratories are also under this wing.

The Forestry Research Advisory Group (RAG), headed by P.C.C.F. (T.R.E.E.), is tasked with research prioritization, project assignment and review of progress of research projects. Research issues are identified and placed before RAG for approval of research agenda for a specified time period.


Forest Research :