There have been several Development Projects undertaken by the department. These can be categorised as under :

 1. Information of Untreated Forest Areas in Projects Sanctioned under IWMP for the Years 2009-10 2010-11 and 2011-12

 2.   Externally Aided Projects
 3.   NABARD Project

        i) INFO-NABARD-PCK1-AFF             ii) INFO-NABARD-PCK2-AGRO

       iii) INFO-NABARD-PCK3-SMC           iv) INFO-NABARD-PCK4-JFM

 4.  Project for Development of Water Catchment Through Greening of Rajasthan Under RIDF (Phase-II) 2014-15 to  2018-19

 5.  Centrally Sponsored Schemes
 6.  River Valley Project

 7.  Other Projects